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CrossFit at Vision is a Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning program that develops individuals, athletes & teams to reach new levels of health and fitness through our unique training style.


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CrossFit Kids for Ages 8-11          CrossFit Strength & Conditioning


45 Day Body Transforming Challenge from 8/14-9/27!
Pick your goal- Wellbeing, Performance, Muscle Gain, Lose Weight
Work with small groups of people who want to achieve the same goal for support and motivation.
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CrossFit at Vision from a Doctor's perspective!

"I’m writing this both from the perspective as a medical doctor and also as an avid exerciser. Crossfit training with Ray Traitz is one of the most life-changing and body-changing things I’ve done for myself. As someone who has participated in every new exercise trend since the early 90’s including standard gym classes and standard use of gym cardio equipment, spinning, boxing, bootcamp, yoga, the one thing that has most obviously changed my body, increased my strength in everyday life activities has been Crossfit.
Functional training, such as Crossfit, is one of the types of physical conditioning I recommend most to my patients both from a preventative standpoint but also for disease states such as cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. I favor this because of this type of training involves getting you fit and strong in a way that translates into being strong for everyday life. I’d rather be able to lift my 40 pound son with ease than to exercise to hypertrophy my biceps!
Though I have trained at other Crossfit locations and been with other coaches, I feel I found one of the best trainers I could hope for in keeping me safe, motivated and injury-free. Each class is well thought out, challenging, fun and never the same and that’s the point. Your body isn’t going to change if you do the same activity again and again and it’s not going to be sustainable if it’s not going to create definitive results and be something you want to return to again and again. Coach Ray also cares about the neglected part of training which is how diet can impact your goals of weight loss, increased muscle mass or athletic performance and he’s knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating. Really, what else can you ask for in a fitness program? Good music? Yes, he has that too!
Lastly a lot has been written about Crossfit participants and the social support they give each other and Coach Ray has created a community where we’re all there for each other as we grow in many ways our closest friends and families don’t even get to see. I’m grateful to be part of this community he’s created and grateful that he’s there to guide me every step of the way."
- Dr. Pamela Yee

"Prior to the 45-Day Challenge, I was always tired and drained; never wanted to go out, and wasn't really happy with the way I looked or felt. Something needed to change. So I took the 45-Day Challenge combined with Cross Fit and began eating a paleo diet.

Since completing the 45-Day Challenge my confidence has increased and I've lost weight. Now I have more energy to go out and do more activities with my kids and husband. Overall I am happier and healthier, and will continue to eat this way and do Cross Fit. This program totally changed my body and mind for the better, and has had a positive impact on my life. "
- Sharon Baronian

Have Goals. Challenge Yourself. Get fit. Be Motivated. Get Healthy. Have Support. Find YOUR Strong. CrossFit at Vision



CrossFit Testimonials

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CrossFit Trainers

Ray  Ray Traitz
CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, ACSM, WITS, NCCPT
Ray has worked as a personal trainer and coach since 1997. Ray’s passion for physical and athletic training was sparked at a young age and has continued throughout his life. As an athlete he competed in multiple sports and played Division II football at Kutztown University, where he earned a B.S. in Education with a minor in Sports Pedagogy. Ray also earned his M.S. in Health & Physical Education from Emporia University of KS.

Traitz discovered CrossFit in 2006 which nurtured his desire to share this unique training style with his clients. Traitz has finished higher than any other local CrossFit athlete in the area in the premier annual CrossFit competition. Over the years Traitz created the AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) method of training to enhance the CrossFit style method of training. Ray’s leadership and work ethic is evident in his commitment and passion to health and fitness on every level. He is dedicated to motivating and educating his clients on their path to achieving their fitness goals.
Suzanne  Suzanne Traitz
NASM-CES, CPT, CrossFit Level 2, USA W Sports Performance Coach
Suzanne is a lifelong resident of Rockland County, wife and a mother of two. After owning a successful hair salon she decided to pursue a career in the world of health and fitness. She started her fitness journey and became an amateur competitive body builder after being 200 pounds at the age of 19.

Suzanne is a competitive CrossFit athlete. In the 2013 CrossFit Games Open she placed 43rd in the world in her division (Masters Women 40-44). In 2014, she finished 33rd in the world in the CrossFit Games Masters Regional Qualifiers, and placed 43rd in 2015. Her greatest sense of pride is derived from her love and passion for coaching, and sharing her knowledge and experience with her athletes.
Jennifer  Jennifer Baelis
CrossFit Level 1, NASM-CES, CPT, Certified Youth Specialist
Jennifer is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer as well as a NASM certified personal trainer. She graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelors degree in psychology and then went on to a career in the financial services industry. After leaving the financial world and having 3 children, she discovered a passion for fitness and decided to become certified as a trainer and to help others find and cultivate their own "inner athletes". She also holds certifications as a CrossFit weight lifting trainer, NASM youth exercise specialist, and baby bootcamp instructor.

She enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels helping them appreciate the many life-long benefits of functional fitness and showing them that it never too late to start on your fitness journey.


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