Physical Therapy

Perez Physical Therapy, located at Vision Sports Club, specializes in the care and prevention of orthopedic and sports related injuries with 25 years of experience in treating athletes from youth to elite amateur and professional levels. Professional and recreational athletes from all sports trust Perez Physical Therapy’s years of experience to provide the highest quality of rehabilitation and athletic injury prevention. Athletes of all ages and abilities can expect sports-specific performance enhancement. We are committed to the development of the adolescent athlete.

Offering individualized care and service Perez Physical Therapy operates in contrast to the high volume therapy practices that are the norm. We address and correct the patients’ biomechanical dysfunction, which is typically the underlying cause of the condition, instead of treating the symptom thereby maximizing function and performance while minimizing injury recurrence.

Patients receive a biomechanical evaluation and customized treatment program that utilizes curative exercises and manual techniques to restore proper biomechanical movement. Perez’s priority is to restore efficient movement patterns to minimize excess stress that affect a full recovery.

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