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Learn from experienced Instructors and take your game to the next level.

Vision Sports Performance Academy improves an athlete’s performance on and off the field. Sports performance training can be private 1:1, specialized with a customized program, in small groups, or in a team atmosphere. While sports performance training is not sport specific, it prepares all athletes regardless of sport with better speed, agility and strength skills. Vision Sports Performance Academy challenges athletes to reach their training goals and maximize their athletic potential through a strong athletic foundation.

Sports Performance Vision Sports club
Sports Performance Vision Sports club

This foundation consists of a dynamic warm up properly preparing athletes sessions followed by a movement or strength curriculum. Movement sessions train athletes to maximize their linear and change of direction potential through efficient movement while reducing their chance of injury. Strength sessions are designed to increase an athlete’s strength, power and explosiveness while maintaining range of motion and flexibility. Vision Sports Performance Academy believes that having a strong athletic foundation is crucial for success in any sport. Build a foundation for your athletic future.