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Sports Specific Training

Play a specific sport? Whether you play for fun or you are an athlete looking to be at the very top of your game, it’s important to utilize a well-planned sports training program to boost physical performance.
At vision Sports club, Our skilled and certified trainers will train each athlete in their specific sport (baseball, softball, track, soccer, hockey football) with speed and agility drills and strength training and help them to take their game to the next level.


ron hackaspker sports specific trainer at Vision Sports Club
Ron Hackaspker

NASM-CPT, NSPA Sports Performance &
NSPA Sports Nutrition Level-1

Ron has been in the sports performance arena since 1999; trained hundreds of pro athletes in all sports. Specializing in NFL combine training under the mentorship of Martin Rooney and Bill Parisi for 10 years. He has been affiliated with Vision Sports Club for 13 years. He competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting, winning 7 national championships and 1 world championship combined, and won a USAPL and NPC national title in the same year, becoming the only person to achieve that feat.


Our 8,000 square foot Sports Zone features turf and performance surfaces, three retractable 70-foot hitting/pitching tunnels with Atec softball and baseball pitching machines, a 50-foot pitching area, private bathrooms, and kitchen/waiting room facilities. The Sports Zone is ideal for a wide array of indoor team practices, clinics, and camps year-round.


Vision sports club provides training for athletes. Our certified trainers prepare all athletes for better speed, agility, and strength skills regardless of sport.


Vision sports Zone is available for private party rentals. Our 1 ½ hour party rentals include one hour on our turf field with the sporting activities of your choice, including Bubble Ball, Bounce House, Dodgeball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Kickball, Football, Wiffleball, Obstacle Courses, Field Day Games & more.


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